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On a very ordinary day, in Hackney....



A ruthless police detective plans to steal a shipment of heroin from a motley crew of small time Hackney dealers,  Welsh-Jamaican gangsters and Afghan drug smugglers. What begins as an ordinary day quickly spirals out of control as the deadly trap is set.



Hackney's Finest stars Enoch Frost (Skyfall, Outpost, Shifty), Arin Alldridge (The Bill, The Hunt for Gollum), Neerja Naik (Life Goes On, Sold), Malcolm Tomlinson (Emmerdale), Sean Cronin (The World is Not Enough), Nathanael Wiseman, Marlon G Day, Rajan Sharma, Katarina Gellin (EastEnders, The Inbetweeners Movie), Chris Dingli, Jeanette Rourke, and Kulvinder Ghir (Goodness Gracious Me).






An irreverant journey through the drug haunts of east London, Hackney's Finest is the debut feature from writer Thorin Seex and director Chris Bouchard (The Hunt For Gollum). Produced in association with Framestore, (the VFX studio behind Alfonso Cuaran's Gravity).

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