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Sirus is a Hackney courier controller who likes to make a little extra cash on the side.   Asif is an Afghan illegal immigrant trafficking heroin through London for his uncle. Together with some small-time Welsh-Jamaican dealers, they get caught in an elaborate trap set by two police detectives working 'off the books' on a private vendetta to take them out using a hired Russian gang.




Stars Enoch Frost (Skyfall, Outpost, Shifty), Arin Alldridge (The Bill, The Hunt for Gollum, The Cost of Love) Neerja Naik (Life Goes On, Sold), Malcolm Tomlinson (Emmerdale), Sean Cronin (The Hooligan Wars, The Callback Queen), Katarina Gellin (EastEnders, The Inbetweeners Movie), Nathanael Wiseman, Marlon G Day, Rajan Sharma, Christopher Dingli and Jeanette Rourke, with an unforgettable cameo from popular funnyman, Kulvinder Ghir (Goodness Gracious Me, Bend It Like Beckham, Van Wilder 2,  Rita, Sue and Bob, Too!).






Hackney's Finest is an independent British film which was discovered at London's East End Film Festival. Part time drug dealer and nice guy, Sirus, gets caught up with some corrupt coppers, a Russian gang, Welsh-Jamaican arms traffickers, and the Afghan mafia over a rumoured shipment of heroin.



The first feature from writer Thorin Seex and director Chris Bouchard ('The Hunt For Gollum' - the phenomenally successful viral short film). Produced in association with Framestore (2014 Academy award winning digital studio behind Alfonso Cuaran's Gravity).


Set in the East London borough of Hackney, Hackney's Finest is an irreverent tale of greed, corruption and the fight for survival, told with a wink and a knowing smile.

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'brilliant, dark, funny and original'

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'brilliant dark British humour'

'an accurate representation of

Hackney in the 90s'

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'one minute you're laughing,

suddenly it's shocking'

'great characters –

Welsh Jamaican gangsters'

'Brilliantly gritty London'

'Welsh-Jamacan Drug Lords V.s

Heroin Addicted Russian Assassins?


'great memorable characters'

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